Spreading the smiles

Two years on…
We can only describe our experience of teaching your girls (sometimes boys) as  joy.

As we get to share a moment of learning with them; we get to see their smiles of achievement and fun. Our small classes of six (five for machine sewing) allow us to give them time to watch and learn the simple sewing techniques we are showing them. We ALWAYS have fun, we ALWAYS make friends, we ALWAYS finish our projects. Rita Bawden, Evelyn Campbell and me enjoy what we do. We aim to pass on our knowledge to your children and ignite a little creative magic in the hope that they may take and run with it. We hope they continue to sew at home and realise that to play & practise at what they enjoy doing will quickly improve their skills and they can achieve more of their creative will.

P.S. We take polaroids of them as its the quickest and easiest way to put a face to name – Thank you for allowing this.

P.P.S. They always ask us for the photos…  the cameras are Fuju Instamax and I buy the film in bulk (both cheaper on Ebay).

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