Hankie Couture (really?)

What can I say about this book…. Hankie Couture by Marsha Greenberg. I found it randomly online and just new I had to have it. (I am not a lover particularly of hankies, dresses, dolls, vintage fashions) but I am a lover of beautiful and surprising; in whatever form that comes. I ordered it from bookdepository.com and couldn’t wait to peek through the pages of somebody’s passion.

Have you ever tried to make Barbie clothes? Isn’t it a rite of passage for every little girl (and some boys)? I certainly remember the fun I had doing it when I see my daughter (Alice) sticky-taping a home-made belt onto a doll or teddy. Some of us revel in the ‘doing’ and carry on regardless. Most of us soon realise our skills to ‘make clothes’ don’t meet our imagined expectations. And here lies that sad fact that many kids start to crush their own creativity before it has a chance to practise and flourish. Check out what we do at Sew Sista to overcome this here.

Marsha’s work is EXQUISITE! yes… capital letters and all. Each page delights and yells “how did she do that?”. I revelled in the wonder of each page.  I can’t tell you how much I loved looking at the detail that Marsha puts into her work. Her passion is right there, page after page of custom designs and patterns ALL from vintage handkerchiefs. Plus a touch of Marsha’s own inspirational quotes, making it witty and fun.

I’ve shown this book to many of our budding little sewers at Sew Sista. Always to shrieks of delight and wonder. Always to “oohs & ahhs” and “I want to make that one”.  Apart from being a source of inspiration (and a damn fine coffee table book), Hankie Couture includes some practical instruction and patterns to challenge you to make your own.

For something entirely different, unique & beautiful you must check out hankiecouture.com  But DO get the book…. at $22 with free delivery its a perfect gift to inspire a young (or old) sewer.




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