Frequently asked questions

What classes do you offer?

In-home tuition for beginners. We will take your budding sewers through the foundation basics of learning to use a sewing machine with the intention of giving them the confidence to practise at home independently. This class is designed to take them through –  correct posture, machine set-up, threading and understanding the machine settings. Plenty of stitch practise including, straight, zig-zag & reverse stitch. We’ll show them how to stitch curves & corners, as well as teaching about seam allowance. We practise on calico and supply lovely, bright fabrics to finish with a  pin-cushion project. Children beyond the basics can pre-arrange with Evelyn other slightly more advanced projects. N.B. A travel cost is incurred for distances outside of a 10km radius of Brisbane CBD.

Can we use our own sewing machine?

Definitely. If you have a sewing machine at home or they have recently received one as a present etc. Then we would love to teach you on a machine that they can carry on with. We highly recommend getting old machines (you have recently dusted off) being serviced to enable optimal operation. Or – we can bring up to two sewing machines (new Janomes) with us for your child (and friends) to use.

We don’t have a machine yet and just want to ‘try’.

We totally get that. And think it wise to invest in a few classes first to ascertain if the costly investment of a sewing machine is right for your child. Have a read of this article if you are thinking about buying a machine.

How long is the class?

Two and a half hours. We make sure you receive the full time to get the most from the experience. We’ll arrive 15mins early for the set-up. Book in directly on the Workshops Calandar & call us if you need to adjust the time.

How much?

Private classes in your home are $175. This is for 1 – 3 students. (yes – you can share the cost)

Who teaches the sewing classes?

Evelyn Campbell has been working with Sew Sista over the last three years. She has developed a sound format to teach them those all important foundation skills of using a machine. She loves to pass on her knowledge to enthusiastic beginners. You can read more about Evelyn here.

What age does my child need to be?

Our experience shows us that kids are both emotionally and physically ready to use a sewing machine at 9yrs. We want to make sure you receive value from our services and therefore find that children under this age are a little young emotionally to focus and learn for this length of time as well as sometimes not quite being physically big enough to handle a machine.

Is the class suitable for my teenager?

Absolutely! What we offer are the essential foundations in learning to sew with a machine whatever the age. As with many pursuits, it is the practise that helps them advance. But the basics remain the same. If you child can already sew and wants to learn more sewing skills, we can help with that too. Send us and email with your enquiry.

What ‘set up’ do I need to provide?

You will need a space such as a kitchen/dining table or a bench top where we can set up the sewing machines. Chairs or stools suitable to the table height and access to a power supply. Possibly a pillow or two to ‘raise’ the seat so the child can seat at the correct height. We will bring foot blocks if the seat is too high for them to reach the foot pedal.

Can I watch?

You are welcome to watch and learn yourself. But the class works best if the student gets to operate the machine by themselves and let the teacher assist them. Or you are welcome to join in and operate your own machine or use one of ours.

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