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Have you ever experienced heartfelt tears of pain to imagine another human being’s anguish. Human trafficking and child prostitution (for me) are the worst examples of the unspeakable ugliness of humanity. Humanity in all its glory is creative and beautiful. But I am drawn to dealing with my own reactions and thoughts of service to this enormous problem of child abuse. My reaction is not one of anger but one of physical pain that I can only attribute to our collective consciousness of what is cruel. For me, child abuse in this example is furthermost from a human’s right to ‘joy’ as possible. And to take away a child’s joy is inequitable and demands attention.

The more I learn about this odious state, the more I feel compelled to do something. But what??  To come to this has been a mindset shift for me that has occurred intensely over the last six months. You can read more of that personal journey here.

Many years ago Esther Talin Caukill came into our lives. She helped us set up the administration of Lumark (Mark’s boatbuilding company). Esther’s kindness and patience in teaching me how to operate the bookkeeping was instrumental in Lumark’s initial success. Over the following four years, we became friends regardless of our backgrounds being worlds apart in every way.

Jump to today and Esther is now an ambassador to that which she was so desperate to escape. International Children’s Care Australia (ICCA) became Esther’s voice to use her understanding, strength and courage. ICCA lets her service a community that is actively working towards returning the ‘joy’ to the enslaved, young girls in her childhood home of Philippines.

Blessed Project  Maybe this is what I can help with…

Blessed Project’s intention is to eradicate the trafficking of girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation by providing them with opportunities to walk free and generate a new life for themselves. This Project supports women & children by providing employment in fair trade businesses, as well as meeting their social and psychological needs through appropriate counselling and education. It aims to equip and enable women with the skills that will allow them to generate income and ultimately achieve a sustainable life transformation.

I will share more as I learn more.

If you are stirred, if this atrocity momentarily fills you with disgust, pain, sadness, anger and hope for an end to this human ugliness. You can read more and donate directly with International Childrens Care Australia – The Blessed Project



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